U.S. v J.R.

Potential Sentence: 37-46 Months 
Actual Sentence: Probation + Home Confinement

The defendant was a decorated combat veteran who became a military contractor in Afghanistan. He was charged with taking bribes. The truth of this story is that a man must be judged by his entire life’s work, not just his lowest moment. Here, the client’s life has been, from the earliest age, devoted to SERVICE…

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U.S. v R.H.

Potential Sentence: 121-151 months 
Actual Sentence: 24 Months

This is the story of a 79-year-old man with no prior record, charged federally with Traveling with Intent to Commit Sexual Abuse of Minors. He was caught up in a sting operation for a fake “sex tourism” trip.

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U.S. v K.R.

Potential Sentence: 30-37 Months 
Actual Sentence: 10 Months

The defendant and her then husband were charged with multiple counts of fraud involving a real estate scheme. Here, the recommended guideline sentence was 30-37 months. Both the government and probation were recommending a 25 month prison sentence…

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U.S. v A.L.

Potential Sentence: 168-210 Months 
Actual Sentence: 110 Months

The defendant was a doctor who pled guilty to distributing and possessing with intent to distribute fentanyl. The government painted the defendant as a “doctor drug dealer” but the truth was something far different….

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U.S. v D.W.

Potential Sentence: 46-57 Months 
Actual Sentence: Probation

Client with prior felonies was charged with possession of a weapon. The movie focused on the incredible progress he has made since the commission of the offense…

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U.S. v. T.T.

Potential Sentence: 30 Years Actual Sentence: 10 Years The defendant was charged with the production of child pornography. The video told his life story which included a history of being the victim of sexual abuse, and other mitigating factors. Ten years was the minimum the judge could impose under the law. However, the judge stated…

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2019 “Bring Your Own Case” Capital Mitigation Training

This training is sponsored by NACDL for Alabama and Florida trial teams.  We are focusing on providing training to teams in this part of the country due to the very high numbers of death sentences and capital trials these areas continue to have.  Passon will serve as faculty to workshop cases with participants.  He will…

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Arizona Public Defender Assn.’s 17TH ANNUAL STATEWIDE CONFERENCE

Passon will be presenting multiple sessions on storytelling and mitigation videos at this years Arizona Public Defender Assn.’s 17TH ANNUAL STATEWIDE CONFERENCE Clear your calendars for the training event of the year. Our 17th Annual Conference will take place June 19 – 21, 2019 at the Tempe Mission Palms Resort. More information will be forthcoming.

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